I’m a Key Worker Vehicle Sticker

For the essential workers;

In light of the new, stricter restrictions being put in place here in the UK due to COVID-19, we are always looking to help out in any way we can.

Therefore, as of today, we are making available these “I’m a key worker” vehicle stickers FREE to everyone that is classed as a key worker, to hopefully help with identification when travelling to and from your places of work in this current time.

As we are a small business and classed under the “self-employed” sector, all we are asking is that postage is paid for, as we cannot afford to fund this ourselves.

And again, a massive thank you to everyone who is classed as a key worker in this current time, we appreciate you. To everyone else, please stay safe and stay home. We will still be getting all orders out as planned, but our trips will be to and from the post office each night with no human interaction.

The donation box below is optional, please feel free to leave it blank to get the sticker for free.

All donations will go directly to the NHS