Cars At The Market is a rebrand of the DopeCollective show that originally happened on the Skirlington Market grounds, where, as the name suggests, we bring the cars to the market, and run the show alongside one of the UK’s largest Sunday markets. At the show, you will find anything ranging from modern classics, to modified hatches, to supercars. There is always something to everyone’s taste!

Along with the rebrand, we are making Cars At The Market it’s own independent show, where we will be introducing a bigger plot of land, club stands and more traders in to the mix on the day. It’s not one you want to miss!

Want to be a part of the show? Please apply using one of the below links. Please note that you must apply or be invited to be a part of the main show area, you will not be able to just turn up on the day!

This year’s show will be taking place on the

29th of September

it will be the first show under the new name and will be ran as a teaser for what’s to come.