About Us

DopeGraphics was originally started as an off-brand to create and make stickers and merchandise for our very own brand “DopeCollective” as we found that suppliers that we were contacting didn’t offer everything we wanted, or didn’t seem to understand everything we wanted, to the quality that we wanted it at, which lead us to begin making our own products. With this, it came to our mind that other small companies, brands, and clubs probably have the same struggles that we once had, and that is why we started DopeGraphics, with people like that in mind.

DopeGraphics is currently a two person team, completing all of the tasks each day brings ourselves, from printing, to cutting, to weeding, to ordering, to posting, to responding to emails, facebook and instagram messages, to making merchandise, as well as manually making each 3D sticker by hand. (and stressing a few times a day, but always doing our best)

Since starting DopeGraphics, we have constantly been updating our knowledge and finding the best ways to do things, and ways that work for us, which means we’re always improving and increasing our workflow, even if we are working until the early hours of the morning every night.

Our Partners

Currently, our list of partners is as follows. This is either because we are the main supplier for the brand, or work alongside the brand to make something! Want to parner with us, or have an idea that you think we’d be interested in?  Send us an email!