A pre-made die-cut sunstrip, with a custom logo in a colour, size and finish of your choice, made using our highest quality vinyl.

Please see the extended description below for more information.



All of our sunstrips come with;

Over-sized backing

We feel it is important to provide our sunstrip backings larger than the width of the windscreen to allow for easy application, to be trimmed down after applied, as we find it much easier this way. They also come with a set height of 25CM, which can also be trimmed down to your liking.

Die-cut Logo

A die-cut logo made from what we take pride in as our best quality vinyl, in the colour and finish of your choice.


What is the logo width?

We have two separate settings for the logo width, which we have explained in as much detail as possible below;

<60cm – By selecting this option, we will cut your logo as close to 60CM wide as possible on our cutter. The reason for this option being cheaper is because we can cut this width across our vinyl cutter, meaning we are not wasting anywhere near as much vinyl than the latter option.

Full Width / Height – By selecting this option, we will cut the logo to the perfect size fit for your windscreen width, or height. Which-ever comes to its maximum size first.